Work Presentation


Our international courses are skills-based and seek to enhance your skills, knowledge, and attitude to offer mental health and spiritual counseling in a professional way. These courses are sometimes custom-made meaning they are designed to meet the needs of a particular group of participants. They can be offered on campus in the USA, onsite if you have a group of participants or online. For international course participants, we will send you letters of invitation to obtain a B1/B2 visa from the American Embassy near you so that you can travel to the USA to attend the course.​​

Mode of delivery

·         These courses are made up of compulsory Knowledge collection activities; Practical Skill activities, and Work Experience activities.

·         Combining hands-on, interactive workshops with lectures and group discussions in a ‘seminar setting’.

·         Practical and workplace activities take place in the workshop, on-site visits, workplace, role plays, case studies, and “real life” engagements in the classroom settings and with clients in the wider community.