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Psychosocial Services

Manda Institute works as a primary caregiver for its clients. We offer walk-in-counseling or Online counseling services; Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD/M) sessions; Mental Health Awareness workshops; and Chaplain Consulting Services. In each one of these services, we conduct mental health and spiritual assessments, develop individualized treatment plans, lead individual or group therapy sessions, running preventative mental wellness classes or workshops and making treatment referrals.


Our Services

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Therapy Session
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What we have been busy with during covid-19 pandemic

This topic is well covered in the News section, an article published on October 20, 2020. Please refer to the News page for details.  News at a glance: through the CEO's involvement with Bridgeport Hospital, we have been offering chaplain support services to patients, families, and staff; conducting Critical Incident Stress management with vulnerable individuals, families, and small-sized groups in the greater Bridgeport area in Fairfield County. We are extending our tent pegs to New Haven, Waterbury, and Ansonia, in the State of Connecticut. We have also set foot in other States as well such as Tennessee, and Maine through our partnerships. We are currently distributing masks, hand sanitizers, and handwash soaps to households that need them, especially among some immigrants and nonimmigrants in Fairfield County. Our wishlist includes food and rent vouchers to subsidize those who are not working especially among the nonimmigrants during this Coronavirus pandemic. They cannot work because they are still waiting for their employment authorizations from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Mental Health Awareness


We use Film/ Documentary Screening or workshops to facilitate public dialogue on issues of mental health and actively invite community participation.​Topics ranging from stress, trauma, Posttraumatic stress Disorder, to Depression, schizophrenia, victims of domestic or gender-based violence, etc.​

Walk-in or Online Counseling Service


We offer Counselling and Trauma Support Services to the public for emotional, psychological, mental health-related and spiritual issues, on a first-come-first-serve. Since Covid-19 pandemic, we require an appointment. 

We provide 1 hour counselling session to clients for assessment and treatment of minor mental or spiritual illness, for people at all stages of life. From here we refer cases to more professional service providers, should the assessment require further professional attention.

Crisis & Trauma Support Service

This is on-call service that supports clients in an emergency or traumatic situation.  We offer Critical Incident Stress Debriefing or Management; and Stress and Trauma workshops.

Therapy Session
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Consulting Chaplain Services

 This is a community outreach program that assists clients during a crisis or traumatic situation at the office or home, providing care-giving sessions, and referrals to other professionals. This may include offering counselling, trauma debriefing, memorial service in the case of death of an employee or family member, helping mediate conflicts between employees, and offering wellness seminars.

Emergency Response to Covid-19

Manda Institute is helping to alleviate the social, psychological and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic among vulnerable populations in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, Connecticut, by building and improving mental health resiliency.  We distribute masks, sanitizers. We also distribute food vouchers, for those who are not eligible for  The Emergency Food Assistance Program from the state of Connecticut. to assist  them during this pandemic time,.   

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