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Welcome to our site. Consulting Chaplains Agency, LLC supplies chaplains and pastoral counselors to hospitals, hospices, palliative care facilities, homes, funeral homes, educational institutions, and veterinary hospitals in the State of Connecticut.

We provide psychological counseling, chaplain support, companionship, and spiritual guidance to our clients who may be going through life transitions or crises. Sometimes, they may only want to see guidance or prayer support.

Many clients seek us out because chaplains are non-judgemental in our approach to care, respect the confidentiality of information from all sources, including the care recipient, legal, or organizational records, and other care providers. Feel free to check us out. We look forward to a meaningful conversation with you.


What we do

We provide psychological and pastoral counseling for patients and their families, staff and employees in response to referrals and through proactive rounding. Pastoral counseling is an approach to mental health care that draws on the wisdom of psychology and the behavioral sciences alongside spirituality/ religion/ theology. It uses a variety of treatment approaches to helping individuals, families, or groups as they cope with the pressures and crises of life. We develop and implement spiritual care plans to promote the well-being of our care recipients, including but not limited to crisis intervention, spiritual care and counseling,  or assistance with religious/spiritual rituals...


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